Pig breeding

The pig breeding complex with wastewater treatment plant and manure storage facility are built in 1976. In December 1997 80% of the capital of the company (“SUK”JSC with state as the sole owner) becomes property of “Manex – Nasko Manasiev”. The company continues to operate under the name of “SUK” JSC until 1998 when it becomes fully private. In August 2002 an increase of the capital was initiated and “Manex – Nasko Manasiev” becomes full owner of the company. In August 2005 the name of the company is changed to “Manex Sun” JSC.

The complex is located some 20 km from the city of Varna and its facilities are in the industrial zone of the village of Slanchevo. The place is close to remarkable natural landmark “Pobiti kamani’ (Standing stones) and covers over 300 dka.

At its full capacity, in premises which are fully equipped by the German company BigDutchman, about 46 thousand pigs are bred divided into groups for reproduction, growing and for fattening. The company has a capacity to produce 78 thousand fattened pigs per year. All animals are Danish hybrids from the selection centers of “Danish Genetics”. Genetics alone is not enough to produce high-quality meat. A complete and quality diet is needed, with a high content of protein and energy, which ensures the accumulation of lean meat. The efforts of all employees in the company are focused on raising animals, applying a balanced diet while taking into account the age group, tracking the content of crude protein; application of multi-phase meals according the needs for energy, easily digestible amino acids and minerals. The produced fattened pigs are specific with their excellent slaughter qualities and a high percentage of lean meat in the carcass. The pig breeding complex "Manex Sun" JSC supplies pork for meat processing factories and traders looking for constant quality, aiming to satisfy the growing demand for quality, dietary and useful pork.