manex piktogram

Pig breeding

The pig breeding complex "Manex Sun" JSC supplies pork for meat processing factories and traders looking for constant quality, aiming to satisfy the growing demand for quality, dietary and healthy pork.


Feed production

“Manex Sun” JSC has its own feed shop which incorporates: microdosing line with pre-mixing of additives, and line for injection of vegetable fats.



Grain trade

The most prolong and traditional activity in the development of the companies in the Manex business group is this for buying and selling a wide range of cereals and cereal products, among which are corn, wheat, barley, sunflower, soybean meal, sunflower meal, etc.

Grain storage

The complex has its own grain depot with a capacity of 50 000 tons, allowing the storage of all types of grain.




Care for the environment

Modern and highly efficient plant for treatment of all industrial and domestic wastewaters and photovoltaic system with installed power of 1889.64 kWp to cover our needs for electricity.



Trade, management and rental of real estate, urban and industrial land, agricultural land throughout the country and in Europe.


Trade with financial assets

Manex business group trade and invest in various types of financial instruments and experience development in this market as well.