Feed production

“Manex Sun” JSC has its own feed shop which incorporates: microdosing line with pre-mixing of additives, line for injection of vegetable fats, as well as a packaging installation. A modern system for automation and control of the production processes allows for tracing of each part from each batch, for every raw material included into the feed. This ensures manufacturing of safe complete compound feed in bulk or packaged. The capacity of the feed shop in a one-shift production mode is 1500 tons per month.

Only high-quality components and additives are used in the production of the feed mixtures, and the aim of our team is to use mainly those which are of natural origin. We do not use hormones and growth stimulants, but rely only on precise balancing of the nutritional composition of the recipes. The HACCP system operating in the feed shop provides full traceability and control of the feed production - starting from the origin of the delivered raw materials to the final product. In our own laboratory the indicators of the produced feed mixtures are monitored on a weekly basis.






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