A study is currently underway for the installation of mobile equipment for the incineration of animal carcasses as required by Regulation 1069/2009 of EU. There is a need for safe treatment and disposal of animal carcasses in the pig breeding complex "MANEX SUN" JSC. These are formed in the course of the normal, daily operation of the site.

It is envisaged that the incinerator will be placed on the company's own small site - up to 200 sq.m., and that the incinerator is to be mounted on a mobile platform. This investment is necessary in order to minimize the risk given the current complicated epizootic situation in the country and the risk of the spreading of African swine fever (ASF). Having an own incinerator will create an opportunity to safely treat and dispose of the carcasses of the dead animals in shortest possible terms, avoiding entrance of outside vehicles onto the territory of the pig breeding complex and limiting the risks for spreading infected material during transport (export/import).