A study is currently underway for the installation of mobile equipment for the incineration of animal carcasses as required by Regulation 1069/2009 of EU. There is a need for safe treatment and disposal of animal carcasses in the pig breeding complex "MANEX SUN" JSC. These are formed in the course of the normal, daily operation of the site.

An expansion of the silo-type storage farm is forthcoming through the construction of 2 new silos with a capacity of 5 tons each for the grain storage together with the all necessary equipment for loading and unloading of the new capacities. As of 1st September 2021 with completion of the project, the capacity of the grain storage facilities will reach 50 000 tons.

The investment program of "MANEX SUN" JSC for 2020 envisages building of a new and modern feed plant and silos for the production of compound feed with a capacity of 15 tons / hour of finished products, all this in cooperation with the German engineering company Wagner Feedmill & Silo Plants GmbH. With the introduction of the facility we hope to fully satisfy the needs of the pig breeding complex.

Following the good engineering and environmental practices, the management of Manex Sun decided to invest substantial funds to improve the environmental condition of the area by rehabilitating the existing wastewater treatment plant. The purpose of this facility is to process the wastewaters generated by the main activity of the complex - breeding and growing of pigs.