Care for the environment

Reconstruction of the existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)


After full reconstruction the pig-farming complex has a modern, contemporary and highly efficient plant for treatment of all industrial and domestic wastewaters generated on the territory of the enterprise and the manure facility, meeting the requirements of BAT.

The WWTP is designed to include several stages, namely: mechanical treatment; two-stage biological treatment and green bio filter for additional treatment of industrial and domestic sewage from the enterprise. This is an investment measure which reveals our desire to comply with all national and European requirements and norms for environmental protection.


Photovoltaic system with installed power of 2 MWp to cover our needs for electricity 

The photovoltaic system converts solar radiation into electricity through silicon based photovoltaic panels. The system which is implemented on the territory of the complex covers available, free open space within and around the pig breeding complex of an area of ​​13000 sq.m. Investing in renewable energy sources is a part of the policy of our company, and perhaps the best solution to the problems related to security of energy supply, environmental protection and economic development. The benefits obtained with the implementation of PVS for the environment are great, as it successfully reduces the harmful effects on the environment caused by the use of traditional fuels.


Wastewater treatment plant

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Photovoltaic system

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