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Meat production - Manex Sun JSC Pig breeding farm

The farm is located 20 km from Varna and supplies pork to meat-processing companies and merchants who are searching for constant quality. Upon a full capacity in entirely renovated premises by the German Company BigDutchman, there are bred around 30 thousand pigs - for breeding purposes, growing up animals and such for feeding. All animals are Danish hybrids from the world famous selection centre DanBred. The produced fed pigs are typical with their excellent slaughter properties and high percentage of lean body meat.

Combined fodders production workshop

Manex JSC Company disposes of its fodder workshop that includes: micro-dozing line with preliminary mixing of supplements; line for injecting vegetable fats as well as packing equipment. The modern system for automation and control on production processes is enabling to trace the performance of each charge, each lot, each raw material. This assures a production of safe, sufficient, combined fodders in bulk and packaged. The capacity of the fodder workshop upon one shift mode of production is 1500 tons per month.

Storage and commerce with grain crops

The facility disposes of its own granary with a capacity of 40 thousand tons that enables the storage of all types of grain crops. To the same, there have been implemented a grain dryer and a modern laboratory that makes possible the complete control on raw materials reception. The condition of the received in the granary grain is observed and maintained from computerized systems of thermal control and active ventilation.

Asset management and investment construction

The investment activity of the group is focused in Manex Ltd and Manex Star Ltd Companies. The same have been investing for 10 years in real estates at different locations in the country. There have been developed, sold and rented out residential and industrial structures.


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